Tennessee’s full of rugged landscapes that are perfect for exploration. For anyone lucky enough to own an all-terrain vehicle, the mountains and forests provide a unique backdrop to spending your weekend outdoors. For decades, these vehicles have provided individuals with a unique opportunity incorporate excitement and fun in their rustic adventures.

However, not all state parks allow off-road vehicles. Private ATV parks are situated throughout the state as a way to safely explore Tennessee’s wilderness. From beginners to experts alike, there are plenty of options if you are looking for a place to splash through the mud.

The History of the ATV

ATV stands for All-terrain Vehicle. It’s an off-highway motorized vehicle. It contains four wheels and utilizes low-pressure tires. They are often called by other names such as quad bike, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler. Two types contribute to different operating uses. For a single application, you can buy a model I which allows room enough for yourself and no passenger. For two people you can obtain one a size bigger that will enable you to fit two people. It’s not one size fits all construction, which means you can find an ATV appropriate for the intended use.

The ATV as we know it today made its appearance in the late 1960’s. The first company to manufacture and make them a household name was Honda. The vehicle debuted in movies that helped drive the popularity. It was initially used as a recreational vehicle until farmers started to catch-wind and began to use them out of convenience. Honda and its competitors decided to capitalize on this new trend and eventually started marketing the ATV as a vital piece of equipment. However, today the term ATV commonly refers to the recreational vehicle while the UTV (utility terrain vehicle) is for farmers.

Places You Can Take Your ATV in Tennessee

There are a few good places to take your ATV if you’re looking for a trip out of town.

Wooly’s Off Road

One of the closer off-road areas is Wooly’s. Just south of Nashville off I-65, Wooly’s is located in Lynnville. You can camp onsite and explore the dense forest through winding roads. If you’re looking to dust it up, there are plenty of mud holes to splash through. The park is open on weekends and holidays. The fee is $15 per person and anyone under ten rides for free.

Brimstone Recreation Area

An hour outside of Knoxville is Brimstone Recreation Area open 365 days a year. There are over 300 miles of OHV trails and overlooks to explore. Brimstone Recreation Area prides itself on offering a complete outdoor experience while traversing the Appalachian Mountains. You can turn it into a fun weekend away by camping onsite.

Doe Mountain Recreation Area

Nestled in the eastern tip of the state, is Doe Mountain Recreation Area. It’s one of the largest outdoor recreation areas with over 8,600 acres. The park is mixed and not dedicated solely to ATV use. There are plenty of hiking trails in addition to dedicated ATV trails. The terrain is mountainous, but there are trails available for all levels of experience.

ATV Laws in Tennessee

States regulate the use of motorized vehicles to keep individuals safe. That being said, local laws are in place to protect drivers. Before you take your ATV off-road, you’ll want to be aware of Tennessee’s state code:

“Off-highway motor vehicles may be operated or driven upon a highway but only on a two-lane highway, and only to cross the highway. ATVs must have tail lamps and headlights. Headlights on the vehicles must, under normal atmospheric conditions and on a level road, produce a driving light sufficient to render clearly discernible a person two hundred feet (200′) ahead. ATV operation is specifically restricted to only between one-half (½) hour after sunrise and one-half (½) hour before sunset, and the headlight and taillight must be illuminated Operators and all passengers must wear a helmet while driving a street, road or highway; No all-terrain vehicles may be operated on any state highway or any highway that is a part of the interstate and defense highway system. ATVs used for agricultural purposes exempt.”

Before you hit the trails, don’t forget your ATV insurance. It will protect you against damages, theft, or injury. You can learn more by visiting our website.


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