The days are getting longer and warmer! Hooray for Spring! If you love living the outdoor life and if off the beaten path is where you prefer to be, then there’s a good chance that you have an all-terrain vehicle or an off-highway vehicle parked on your property. Congratulations happy Tennesseans, now’s the time to take some Flonase and dust off your ATVs and OHVs.

But wait! Before you start those engines, let’s take a moment to consider the question of ATV insurance.

If you own an ATV, it’s pretty likely that you take safety precautions to keep yourself and others safe on Tennessee’s backroads and rolling hills. If you aren’t wearing a helmet and protective gear, we strongly encourage you to do so! However, the unexpected does happen and ATV insurance is a great way to protect yourself, your investment, and your loved ones should an accident occur.

What Kinds of Vehicles are Considered ATV?

You may be surprised to discover that four-wheelers aren’t the only ATV that you should consider insuring, you may also want to consider purchasing insurance for your trail bike, dirt bike, snowmobiles, utility vehicle, go-cart, golf cart, dune buggy, and Segway. If you own one of these vehicles, keep reading!

How Do You Use Your ATV?

If you plan on driving your ATV exclusively on your own property for home maintenance, ATV insurance may not be necessary. However, if you plan on driving on public roads, public lands, private land not owned by you, or at an ATV park, you should have ATV Insurance. If you plan on traveling to a different state with your ATV, insurance may be required. Pennsylvania, for example, requires proof of insurance for all off-road vehicles.

Reasons Why ATV Insurance is a Good Idea

ATV insurance not only covers you should your ATV get stolen or damaged, but it also protects you, other people, and other people’s property. In the event that you or someone else is harmed by your ATV or while riding your vehicle, insurance ensures that you’re covered. If, while riding your ATV, you cause property damage, then ATV insurance also offers you the liability protection you need.

There are risks associated with any motor vehicle sport and off-roading is no exception. Riding an ATV is dangerous and according to the Insurance Information Institute, 340 people were killed on ATVs in 2015 and nearly 100,000 people were injured. The Tennessee Coalition for ATV Safety reports that Tennessee ranks 7th in the country for ATV-related fatalities. Insurance helps cover the cost of medical expenses and related lawsuits the may arise from an ATV-related accident.

To learn more about ATV safety or to register for an ATV safety course, visit Sloan’s Motorcycle and ATV.

Does my Homeowners Insurance Cover My ATV?

No. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), “ATVs are not covered by standard automobile insurance policies, but your homeowners policy may partially cover liability. Ask your agent if you have sufficient coverage on your homeowners policy. If you do not, you should consider a separate ATV policy. Ask your provider about age restrictions regarding who may operate the ATV or if the policy covers friends and family. Make sure you have the right coverage for your situation and intended use.”

ATV insurance works much like auto insurance in that you pay a premium for different levels of coverage. Costs vary depending on coverage, deductibles, and driving record.

For more information on ATV insurance and what’s included, visit our FAQ page or contact Royce Williams Insurance.

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