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When purchasing auto insurance in Nashville, it’s important to understand the factors that impact your premium and the rates you pay. There are countless urban myths about auto insurance that have been perpetuated over the years, so how do you differentiate between fact and fiction?

Believing false information can lead to hasty decision making, which increases your chances of purchasing car insurance that isn’t right for you.

Royce Williams is an Allstate Insurance agent in Nashville, TN, who is passionate about helping you find the best insurance rates to protect your vehicle. Here are 10 auto insurance myths debunked:

  1. Color influences the cost of auto insurance. False. It doesn’t matter whether your car is red, black, white, purple, blue, silver, or any other color. The aesthetic of your car has little to no impact on what you’ll pay for auto insurance in Nashville. Rather, the cost influencers include make, model, engine size, body type, age of the vehicle, and your driving record.
  2. You can keep rates low by not reporting an accident. False.You should always report any incident with your insurance company. If the other party files for damages or injuries, you may experience rate hikes. It’s better to be proactive and keep an honest line of communication with your insurance agent. Unfortunately, many drivers try to hide fender benders, which results in more hassles for them.
  3. Credit scores have nothing to do with insurance. False. When you think of your credit score, you likely think about your ability to secure a loan or establish a line of credit. However, since your credit score is an indication of your money management skills, you’ll likely pay lower insurance rates if you have a good credit score.
  4. “Full coverage” will cover a new car. False. Many people wrongly believe they can get a brand new car after an accident as long as they have full coverage. Insurance is designed to help you get back to where you were prior to the accident, not improve upon it. While you can have repairs covered, you won’t be able to purchase a better car than the one you already had.
  5. Rates drop at age 25.  A variety of factors contribute to auto insurance rates in Nashville. In general, a clean driving record, years of experience, and low risk driving results in cheap car insurance rates. Yes, rates may drop as you age, especially if you’re a safe driver, but there isn’t a specific age projection that determines your premium.
  6. If a friend borrows my car, his or her insurance will pay for any accidents. False. Accidents are covered by the insurance tied to the car, not to the driver. You and your insurance are always on the hook, even if you give permission to a friend to borrow your car.
  7. A personal policy covers business trips. Personal auto insurance doesn’t provide coverage for accidents that occur if you’re self-employed and driving the vehicle for business. For instance, if you’re not an employee of a restaurant and are making delivery orders, you’re not covered by the restaurant’s insurance coverage. The costs are on your plate, and personal insurance policy is likely to deny any claims.

Purchasing car insurance in Nashville doesn’t have to be confusing, scary, or intimidating! Royce Williams is a trusted Allstate Insurance agent in Nashville, TN with years of experience helping drivers find the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact Royce Williams today to learn more!

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