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Looking to add a new car to your insurance policy? Wonderful! This can actually be a very simple process, and there can even be benefits to having multiple cars covered under the same policy.

It should be said that you can’t technically add a car onto your existing policy, since the state Tennessee requires each car to have its own insurance. You can, howe

ver, get a multi-car discount, which will save you money on your premium. Some reasons you might consider adding a new vehicle to an existing policy include:

  • You just got married and need to add your spouse to your policy.
  • You bought your newly driving teenager a car.
  • You’ve purchased a new toy, like a motorcycle, boat or RV.

There are many benefits to adding a car to your existing car insurance policy. It is generally the easiest and cheapest way to insure a new vehicle. When you combine two cars on the same policy, you can generally receive a lower premium. In addition, it makes managing your policy much more convenient.

How Do You Add another Car to Your Auto Insurance Policy?

To add another vehicle to your auto insurance policy, you will need to contact your insurance company and provide them with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Policy number
  • Year, make and model of your vehicle
  • Odometer reading on your automobile
  • The name, date and driver’s license numbers of other drivers you want to add to your policy
  • Your VIN # or vehicle identification number (a unique 17 digit code assigned by the manufacturer)

Some insurance companies will allow you to add another vehicle to your auto insurance policy online. If this is the case with you, you will simply need to login to modify your existing premium.

You will also need to let your auto insurance agent know the type of coverage you would like on your new vehicle. Types of coverage that are available include, but are not limited to:

  • Collision coverage. Covers you if you hit another vehicle or stationary object.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Covers damage to vehicle by theft, fire, hail, etc.
  • Personal injury. Covers lost wages, medical expenses and more.
  • Property damage. Covers damage to another person’s vehicle in an accident.

You can learn more about available Nashville auto insurance coverages here.

More Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

Adding multiple cars to your Nashville auto insurance policy is just one of the many ways you can reduce your insurance premium. Other ways to reduce your premium include adding a homeowners or renters insurance policy, improving your credit score, paying your premium up front, etc.

Need to add another car to your Royce Williams auto insurance policy? Call us today at (615) 356-4800 to get started.

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