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For any car owner, the most infuriating situation is someone breaking into your vehicle or worse driving away with your car. “Smash-and-grab” jobs and “carjacking” happen all the time, and the FBI reported an estimated $4.3 billion lost nationwide in these type of thefts. There are a lot of rumors that most issues happen to older models because their anti-theft technology isn’t as advanced. However, there are some areas people need to be aware of especially if they have internet access and keyless entry to their vehicle. Protect your car by utilizing these best practices to make it less appealing to thieves.

Keep it Tidy

Most break-ins happen because a thief saw something they wanted, and in some instances, all they wanted was the change in the front seat. If you don’t want to make a call to your insurance about a broken window, you’ll want to keep your car tidy. If they can’t see anything worth grabbing, they will move on to the next option.

Put Your Keys in the Freezer

Having a car with keyless entry is a luxury, but it can present thieves an opportunity to hack into your car. Keyless entry works when the car wirelessly calls out for your key, and if the key calls back the door unlocks. This system is capable of looking for a key within a couple of feet radius from the car itself. However, there is technology available that allows individuals to use a device that would expand this distance sometimes up to 50 feet away. Therefore, if your key is sitting on your kitchen counter and your car is parked on the street, they now have access. For the time being, there isn’t a way to stop this from happening, except for putting your keys in the freezer. The freezer acts as a Faraday Cage and will not allow signals to pass in or out.

Put Valuables in the Trunk

If you have to keep valuables in your car, you need to keep them in the trunk. Like house robberies, a car break-in is about easy access. No muss, no fuss. Breaking the window takes no time at all, but trying to unlock the trunk is just an extra step, and most people will just move on without even trying.

Get a Software Update

Automobiles are turning into moving internet sources, and if you aren’t careful, there is a potential that you could be hacked. The cars must susceptible are from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), and the good news is there is a fix. By taking your vehicle to a dealer, they can download a software program that makes it difficult for someone to access your car remotely. Not every car will require this type of update, but you can view a full list in this article from Forbes.

Invest in an Anti-Theft System

For car thieves, there are a couple of different systems that will put them off trying to break into your automobile. The Club, a classic option in anti-theft protection, locks to your steering wheel to make it challenging to drive away. Most steering wheels are made of plastic, which is easy to remove even with a Club attached. However, it’s a lot more difficult, and many individuals will be put off by the extra steps and the challenge it presents. Your other choice is the flashing/blinking light from an anti-theft system. The last thing a car thief wants is to draw attention, and if your car looks like it has an alarm, they will most likely keep on walking.

Park in Big Parking Lots and Well-Lit Areas

The safest parking place you can choose is under a street light in a large parking lot. When breaking into a car, no one wants to be seen, and larger parking lots encourage activity. Most robbers will expect someone to be watching and will probably avoid the area altogether. When you park on the street, find a street light and park as close to it as you can.

Get Auto Insurance

Yes, auto insurance isn’t going to thwart a theft before it happens, but it’s the smartest way to ensure you are doing all you can to protect your asset. Tennessee state law requires you have or to be covered under someone’s auto insurance liability policy to operate the vehicle. However, many people don’t look for extensions in their policy to cover instances like theft.

At Royce Williams, we offer auto insurance plans that include features like New Vehicle Replacement, Accident Waivers, Good Driver Bonuses, Diminishing Deductible and GAP coverage. Contact us today by calling 615-356-4800 to ensure you have the most comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.


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