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The new year is almost here, and that means dealers and consumers can expect new cars for 2019. Each year it is standard for a car manufacturer to review, improve, and possibly add a brand new collection of vehicles. Redesigns include improvements on existing models with added features and often an updated exterior. All-new cars refer to any series or model that hasn’t been offered by the manufacturer before.

Redesigned Cars

Ford Ranger

Hitting dealerships in the first quarter, the redesigned Ford Ranger is going to make a mark in the mid size pickup truck market. On the exterior, you have a lot of modern design elements, but it’s the inside that will set it apart. It has a 2.3 EcoBoost engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission giving the truck its power and making it effective over rough terrain. The combination also makes it a little more fuel efficient than the competitors.

Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is going to get a major redesign for 2019. The newer model will be more powerful than the ones that came before. The exterior features a slightly more streamlined look, but it’s the interior that will see more changes. Toyota’s Entune 2.0 infotainment system will make it compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay. There are features such as a 9-inch screen with multi-information display and wireless smartphone charging.

Chevrolet Silverado

When you need a pickup truck that has serious cargo space, the redesigned Silverado will lead the class with a bed volume at 62.9 cubic feet. That’s almost 20% more than others on the market. This truck is bigger, lighter, and stronger than any other models that have come before it. There is flexibility in creating a truck specific for your needs to make it more dependable in the future. The truck comes with advanced trailering technology and up to 420 horsepower.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru is trying a second time to make space for themselves in the mid size sedan. The Ascent will feature three rows of seating and come with the standard all-wheel drive. It’s a little taller than others with 8.7 inches of clearance. The redesign will include driver assistance technology, a wi-fi hotspot, an 8-inch media screen, blind spot monitoring, and connect with CarPlay and Android Auto.

New Cars

2019 Porsche Mission E

Releasing in late 2019, the Porsche Mission E is a completely new design. The vehicle is the first all-electric car from Porsche and has a horsepower over 600 meaning it can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds or less. Interior technology includes eye-tracking to see where the driver is looking so the instrument panel can move with the driver depending on their gaze.

Hyundai Nexo

Completely new from Hyundai, the Nexo is a beautiful hatchback that features the first Nexo Fuel Cell and a powerful electric motor. In a matter of 5 minutes, the Fuel Cell can recharge enough to drive you 380 miles. That would be roughly the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco non-stop. The Nexo also features LED lights, integrated display, dual-air console, ventilated and heated front seats.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe

Mercedes has had a line of cars under the AMG series for decades. They are synonymous with sports and racing but eventually evolved to include more vehicles that are consumer friendly with the same power. The GT 4-Door Coupe, however, is brand new. The interior matches the sports car technology with a sense of space. The center console will allow you to control driving settings to make the experience more dynamic. The seats are heated and also offer eight different massage settings. With this car, you get a hybrid of sport and business.

BMW 8 Series

BMW has dubbed the series “the true sportsman’s choice for unmatchable style and performance.” It has 523 horsepower and can go from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. You’ll get agile steering in just about any condition and a braking system for a smooth stop. The interior technology features iDrive and an interface with customizable interactions controlled by voice, touch, or Gesture Control. The series comes in a variety of body styles and engines.

Honda Insight

The Insight is technically a redesign, but since it’s been off the market for years, we are classifying the reintroduction as “all-new.” It’s a hybrid car that comes in a four-door sedan. It could be compared to the Civic Hybrid, but the Insight offers a lot more exterior and interior style. The technology includes an improved side-passenger visibility, remote engine start,  and USB outlets to stay connected. There are also collision sensors to help mitigate traffic.

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