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It is 2015, a new year when all-inclusive insurance has become all the rage. Consumers understand the importance of covering a variety of life’s assets with a reliable insurance policy and value the convenience of local insurance agencies, such as Royce Williams Insurance, that covers everything under one roof. Well, we cover almost everything, from your automobile, home, rent property, life and toys, such as motorcycles, boats and RVs, we have an insurance option for you. However, we have discovered that there are still a few things we do not cover at the moment. In light of that, we wanted to have some fun and spotlight some of the funniest, most ridiculous insurance policies that are available 2015.

Legs at $2.2 million

It is not to say that we don’t value legs. In fact, we believe that legs, being the primary vehicle we get back and forth on, are so valuable that we might just say they are invaluable, but someone has managed to assign a number to how much they could be worth. Heidi Klum, the German-born Supermodel, who has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Elle magazines, has insured her gams and with the determination that one is worth more than the other. Klum’s right leg is worth $1.2 million, while her left is worth $1 million due to a small scar. While we love Heidi for her many spokesperson and philanthropic efforts, we have to admit, that is one expensive runway strut.

Riots at $10,000/Tourist

We prefer to keep the peace no matter what, but if you happen to travel to Thailand and end up in a riot, no worries, because if you get hurt you can cash in on your $10,000 riot insurance policy. Why would anyone literally go to such great lengths to protect their safety? More than likely it is because Thailand, with its beautiful architecture, culture, people and food, is still a dangerous place in some areas, so the government wants you to be protected as much as they encourage your tourism. Who wouldn’t want to travel to a place where you are so well-taken care of? That’s what we call love – the kind of protection we all dream of.

Chest Hair at $7 million

Who knew that not only is hair an asset, but such a valuable one? You can go to a store and buy hair to look good or you can simply shave some off of your chest and look great – $7 million worth of great. That is, if you are Tom Jones, the iconic singer from the 1960’s with chart-topping hits such as, “She’s a Lady” and “It’s Not Unusual”. We can’t blame him. Being famous for half a century and having built a lot of one’s career on that certain something renders something valuable to protect. For Tom, it happens to be the tuft of hair peeking out from underneath his shirts. We thought about incidents that could befall his chestly mane: gum in a tangled mess, a hot coffee spill or worse (gasp) a razor in the night! Hey Tom, we get it – accidents can happen, right?

If you think that is ridiculous, read on for more funny insurance policies…

Alien Abduction, Impregnation and Consumption at $1.5 million

Besides the bragging rights and awe that come alongside close contact with a creature not of this world, you can sweeten the jackpot by cashing in on the $1.5 million alien abduction policy that over 20,000 US residents alone have taken out, if they take you somewhere. Did we mention that the same policy covers you if you happen to get pregnant by an alien? All that, plus if you manage to survive being eaten by them, with the alien abduction policy, you can win big.

The Middle Finger at $1.6 million

For most of us, not being able to flip the bird means a promotion, a friend we would have lost or a more sound method of dealing with conflict. For Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, it means cashing in on his $1.6 million insurance policy. The man has told the world to eff off as many times as the figures add up to be, so taking away his ability to do so quickly will surely cripple his ability to succinctly let everyone know how he feels. To that, really we can all agree that there is no dollar amount worth time saved.

As funny insurance policies go, these are among just some of the most ridiculous ones we have found so far that are available in 2015. For your other insurance needs, however, such as automobile, home, rental properties, RVs, boats, motorcycles and life, Royce Williams Insurance is a local insurance agency in Nashville, TN that has you covered. We offer all-inclusive insurance policies just for you. Call us today!

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