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You love your car, but do would-be thieves love it just as much? Recently the National Insurance Crime Bureau published its 2015 Hot Wheels report, which lists the top 10 most stolen vehicles over the past year. The list encompasses all model years and breaks down the hottest “hot” cars by make and model.

Knowing this information can help drivers better prepare to keep their property protected. As a provider of auto insurance Nashville, we’ve taken particular interest in the top 5 most stolen cars, as follows.

5. Toyota Camry

This happens to be the best-selling mid-size vehicle in America. It also happens to be one of the most popular amongst thieves. 14,605 were swiped just this past year.

4. Full-Size Chevrolet Pickup

Making another repeat appearance as in year’s past, there were 23,196 reported thefts of this vehicle in 2014.

3. Ford Full-Size Pickup

In the past year there were 28,680 reported thefts of Ford pickups, a number that appears to be on the rise. The 2014 model was also listed as the most stolen of all other 2014 models during the calendar year.

2. Honda Civic

For the third year in a row, the Honda Civic has made the list as the second most popular vehicle to steal. In 2014, the total number of Civics reported stolen came in at 43,936. The good news is, this number appears to be going down slightly year after year.

1. Honda Accord

Topping the list of most stolen vehicles for 2014, the Honda Accord saw over 51,000 thefts over the past year.

Many people are surprised to see that the top stolen vehicles aren’t luxury cars, but rather more common, popular and affordable makes and models. If your vehicle made this list (and even if it didn’t), here are a few helpful tips to prevent a possible vehicle theft:

  • Always lock your car and take your keys with you.
  • Never leave valuables in the vehicle, even if the doors are locked.
  • Invest in an alarm system or other similar anti-theft device.
  • Consider an immobilizing device that will disable the vehicle if stolen.
  • Install a tracking device which can be used to locate the vehicle if it’s taken.

With a vehicle theft occurring every 45 seconds in the US, it’s important to take the appropriate measures to protect your property and your investment. In addition to the tips above, make sure you’re working with an experienced and reputable Nashville auto insurance provider. Remember to ask about discounts for various anti-theft features, which could save you money in addition to keeping your property safe.

Are you confident that you’re properly covered in the event of a car theft? Call Royce Williams Agency today at (615) 356-4800 for a detailed analysis and a free, no-obligation quote.

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