Boat Insurance & Flood Insurance

A life jacket shouldn’t be your only source of protection when the waves get rough. As a boat owner, you join over 70 million boaters tackling the tide each year.¹ That means thousands of boating accidents annually. As your Nashville Insurance Agent, I’m here to help you find coverage that protects you, your family and your boat—both on and off the water.

Protecting Your Toys While You Play
At Royce Williams Insurance Agency, our policy offers coverage while your boat is within the United States or Canada or within 100 nautical miles of the U.S. and Canada. Even out of the water, our coverage helps protect your boat, motor and trailer up to policy limits. So, no matter when or where you ride the waves, you can relax knowing that in the case of an accident or emergency, you have excellent boating protection. Since you’ve taken time to safeguard your car, why not do the same for your boat?

Insurance for your car:

By selecting the right car insurance you are safeguarding your assets from loss, damage and lawsuits when the unexpected happens. Royce Williams Agency can help you create an affordable auto policy that provides financial security and gives you peace of mind. And since your car or truck is an essential part of your daily life, we want to make sure it is protected with coverage that is sufficient to help you successfully emerge from an accident or loss without significant impact on the quality of your life, your ability to work or provide for your family.

In addition to the quality coverage and services you normally expect from nationally recognized brands, we go a step further. You can enjoy great savings and select from a wide range of new innovative features such as Accident Forgiveness, Deductible Rewards, Safe Driving Bonus and New Car Replacement. These exclusive coverages provide you with greater protection and rewards—starting from day one.

Insurance for your motorcycle:

Whether a weekend warrior or a sportbike enthusiast you need to have the right coverage for your cruiser, bike or chopper.  Many times, when people purchase a motorcycle they forget to think about protecting their investment with an insurance policy.  Motorcycles have many benefits and are an excellent economically and environmentally viable alternative to a car.  However, they are often considered to be more or less toys or a luxury items.  Motorcycle insurance from Royce Williams Agency can save you from the many expensive costs related to motorcycle accidents, theft and other any other unexpected incidents.

Take Another Look –
Have you been carrying the same coverage amounts you’ve had for years? We can help you evaluate whether it’s to your benefit to change them to reflect your current situation. We may also be able to help you save money by applying available auto discounts. Are you a safe driver? Does your teenager have good grades? The answers to these questions and others may save you money. So, let’s be sure to discuss them.

Whether it’s helping to secure your future, explaining new protection and rewards or looking for ways to save you money, Royce Williams Agency can help you get auto insurance coverage with your needs in mind.

You may qualify for safe driving rewards –
Make your auto insurance work harder for you by adding optional packages that reward safe driving, forgive your accidents and can replace your new car if you total it.

Coverage Options –
You want to select the right auto insurance to protect yourself and your family. Learn more about coverages and understand which ones will meet your car insurance needs.

Discounts and Savings –
Did you know that even the type of car you drive could save you money on your auto insurance? Find out whether a clean driving record or special safety features on your vehicle can help you qualify for significant discounts and savings.
Auto Insurance– Basic Coverage Options

Liability and Medical Protection*

Liability Coverage
If you’re at fault in an accident that’s covered by your policy, and other people (or property) are injured or damaged, Liability coverage helps protect you from the cost of these damages.

Medical Payments Coverage
If you’re in a covered accident, this Medical Payments option helps pay for any reasonable and necessary medical bills.

Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist Coverage
If a driver with little or no insurance damages your car, or injures you or someone riding with you, this coverage option can help cover repairs and expenses. (This is subject to certain limitations, however, so check your individual policy, or talk to your agent for more details.)

Vehicle Protection*

Collision Coverage
This option helps protect you from repair costs to your car if you’re involved in a covered accident. Considering it’s a covered loss (that’s insurance-speak for an accident that’s specifically covered by your policy), Collision helps pay for the repairs needed to get your car back on the road.

Comprehensive Coverage
This option helps protect your car in covered situations that don’t necessarily involve other drivers or vehicles. If your car’s damaged by a storm, vandalism, or passive object (such as a tree or a post in a parking garage) which fell and was not caused by collision, Comprehensive can help keep you covered.

Additional Protection

Personal Injury Protection
Helps reimburse you for lost income, child care expenses, medical expenses, and other similar things if you’re hurt in a covered accident. (Personal Injury protection is not available in some states, and the amount of reimbursement is based on the coverage you purchase.)

Additional Coverage Options
Can boost convenience and peace of mind, whether it’s with our Towing and Labor-Cost Coverage, Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage, Sound System Coverage, or Tape/CD Coverage. The choice is yours.

We can show you everything from minimal coverage to complete bumper to bumper options when we discuss your individual needs.

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