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Royce Williams Agency is committed to saving you money, as well as offering you great home insurance policies. Here are a few easy ways to save money on your water bill each month, and do your part in helping the environment.

  • Run your sprinklers and water your plants just before sunrise, or at sunset. This will prevent mold from developing and stop your plants from burning. By watering when it’s cooler out, you’re doing your part to save water.
  • Drip irrigation is best for gardens because there is little risk of run off or evaporation.
  • If you water your lawn, invest in timers for your irrigation. The initial investment may be costly, but your water bill will significantly decrease.
  • It saves water and money if you water for longer periods of time, less frequently throughout the day.
  • When washing your car, turn the hose off, and use a bucket. Leaving the hose on while you wash your car wastes a great deal of water.

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