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Spring invites a lot of changes, and homeowners often use this time to clean, renovate, and make other adjustments to the house. But, did you know some of these tasks can help prevent a claim on your insurance policy? We’ve got some suggestions that you want to include on your “to-do” list.

1. Inspect the wiring

You and your family are not the only ones who use your home to stay warm in the winter. More than likely you’ve had some guests you were not aware of and they can cause damage to your wiring. Mice hibernate inside the walls. While inside they tend to chew through some wiring. Damaged wiring, whether broken or frayed is asking for trouble. Get an electrician to conduct a thorough inspection. Otherwise, you risk faulty wiring causing a fire.

2. Clean the dryer vent hose

While we are on the topic of potential fires, we need to discuss the lint hose. The U.S. Fire Administration reported 2,900 homes who claimed a fire started from the dryer. The buildup of lint is usually the culprit. Keep it clean, and you reduce the chances of sparking flames. Get your vacuum with hose extension and some special brushes from your local superstore. Use the brush to agitate and release the lint and the vacuum to suck it up.

3. Clean your gutters

Replacing your roof is costly, and so is fixing structural issues to your home. Not cleaning your gutters and downspouts can cause water to back up. Standing water deteriorates aspects of the roof. The water could destroy the integrity of the roofing system or worse it will cause mold, mildew, or structural damage. Grab a ladder, rubber gloves, and a few trash bags to remove leaves, branches, and other debris from the gutters and downspouts.

4. Trim back some trees

Winters in Tennessee are a mixed bag. It’s mild one day and a full ice storm the next. Heavy snow isn’t always something we experience, but gusts of winds from the changing temperatures weaken tree branches. Spring is an excellent time to have them trimmed. When the leaves aren’t in full bloom, the branches are more accessible for removal. Trees near the house should have branches inspected annually. You don’t want one to fall and damage the roof.

5. Improve home security

Home theft doesn’t have a season. It can happen at any time of the year. Spring encourages home improvements, and this isn’t one we would encourage you to overlook. We recommend investing in a system with 24/7 monitoring. Monitoring at this level means you have a team of people who call local authorities on your behalf in case of an emergency. How does a security system help with insurance? You won’t have to claim any stolen property. Plus, some insurance providers give discounts to families who have one.

6. Invest in a professional HVAC inspection

You should always check and change the air filters in the house. But, at the change of each season have an HVAC contractor conduct inspections. They do quite a bit of fine tuning that helps your unit perform without interruptions when you switch to air conditioning. The contractor should check air ducts, vents, the unit, and calibrate your thermostat for energy efficiency. While they are there have them look over the water heater to confirm there aren’t any leaks, rust, or calcium buildup.

7. Check your windows and doors

Low temperatures put stress on important aspects of your home like windows and doors. Caulking is used almost everywhere in the home as a sealant. If it cracks you’re looking at some potential problems. Cracks around doors and windows let air in and out. It will drive up your energy bill and make it hard to stay cool in the summer. All caulking around the sinks and bathtubs are preventing water damage. Water damage is costly. Repairing the caulk isn’t. Most hardware stores will sell it inexpensively. Take some time to repair any visible damages now, so you don’t have to make costly replacements later.

Nashville Home Insurance

Spring weather in Tennessee is a beautiful time of year. It’s often very mild, and the blooming trees are picturesque. But, there are some days when we can expect some harsh rain and winds as the temperature swings back and forth. Don’t wait for water, fire, or roof damage to invest in comprehensive home insurance. Contact Royce Williams today to learn more about our insurance policies and coverage options.


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