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After the wedding is over, and you’ve gotten back from the honeymoon, it’s time to begin thinking about your future insurance needs. That way you give your marriage the best possible start.

In part two of this series about insurance for married couples, we will discuss the importance of life insurance, let you know what options are available, and even provide you with a few simple tips to get you going in the right direction.

The Perfect Time To Get Life Insurance

If you don’t have life insurance, this is the perfect time to get it. Paying for funeral arrangements, rent, and other types of bills can be hard on your spouse if you pass away. Getting life insurance ensures that your loved one will be okay if anything happens to you.

Thinking about having kids? Life insurance will become even more important. Depending on the policy you get, you could provide for your child from the time they are small until they are out of college, or even their entire lifetime.

Multiple Insurance Options Available

Several types of insurance options are available. What’s right for you and your significant other will depend on your needs. Here’s a brief description of the various plans you can choose from:

  • Term Life Insurance – This type of insurance supplies coverage at a lower price and covers a specific amount of time. It’s great for providing financial support to your spouse after you pass away.
  • Market Participation and Cash value – This type of insurance works well if you need protection for the long term. It also gives you the ability to borrow money during your lifetime. There are several types of market participation options available, including whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and variable universal life Insurance.

Determining the right insurance option can be a challenge. An experienced insurance agency, like Royce Williams, can help you figure out the best option for you and your significant other.

Life Insurance Tips

Now that you’ve got a good understanding as to what choices are out there. Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Keep away from insurance agents who won’t fully explain what you are buying and why.
  • Ask lots of questions. For instance, you’ll need to check what the fees and charges will be for each particular plan, so you can make a well-informed decision.
  • And most off all, don’t let yourself be bullied by an agent. You are the customer and deserve to have an agency that’s working for you.

Don’t Put Off Getting Life Insurance!

You receive the best rates when you are young and healthy. By taking care of life insurance now, you will obtain a great rate and eliminate the need of qualifying when you are older.

At Royce Williams, we care about your home, family and property, and we delight in being there for you and all your family’s insurance needs. Call us today at (615) 356-4800 to learn more about the different life insurance policies available to you.

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