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Life insurance companies and their representatives observe September by providing information and activities regarding the role of life insurance as a part of a complete financial plan.  According to the LIFE Foundation, 85 percent of Americans say most people need life insurance, but only 62 percent have coverage and 33 percent admit they don’t have enough.

For many people, life insurance is something they do not need right now.  True, you might not need it today, or, you just might, the day is not over yet.  Sadly, if you don’t have life insurance when you finally do need it, well, it’s too late then.  Most people believe they will live a long life and die at a very old age, most likely in their sleep.  Some people do pass this way, many do not.  This belief that we can put off carrying life insurance for a little longer because we all believe we have plenty of time left in our lives does not match with reality.

Sometimes, death is unexpected and not a part of any long life plan on our part.  Every day we wake up and start our days with absolutely no indication that this day could be our last.  Just this month, a 31 year old Marine experienced this first hand.

Curtis awoke on a Monday and readied himself for a day of bow hunting, something he had done for years.  The days hunt was successful as he was able to down a deer but the wounded deer fled into the woods.  The Marine made his way back to his house for some dinner and went back out at dusk to track the fallen deer.  He never made it back to his home.

When Curtis did not return, his wife alerted the local authorities and at 3:00 am the following morning a sink hole was found on his property; his body was located at the bottom of the 75 foot deep hole.  Curtis had died from the fall.  His wife stated he had hunted the land for years.  A recent hard rain was blamed for creating the sink hole that took the man’s life.

Automobile accidents take the lives of thousands of people every year.  A great many more people are witnesses to such accidents.  It is very rare that a witness to an automobile accident ends up being a fatality to the accident they just witnessed but that’s exactly what happened to an unnamed pedestrian in Phoenix.

Two vehicles collided at an intersection; the force was so strong that one vehicle spun wildly striking a light pole on the corner. The impact snapped the top of the pole which landed on a 25 year old man standing on the sidewalk.  He died instantly.  Witnesses to the accident report the man did not see the pole coming down on top of him.

Some people have hobbies and interest that can be considered very dangerous, even life threatening.  Flying remote control aircraft is generally not considered a dangerous activity for the people who do it.  For the aircraft, the story may be a little different.  This was not the case for a 19 year old Brooklyn man who died at a park after a day of flying his remote control helicopter.

Roman was a world-recognized flyer that choreographed routines with model helicopters.  It was reported that he and his father traveled extensively to meets where he performed his aerobatic skills every chance they could.  His father was at the scene when the helicopter he was flying made an abrupt turn striking the young man in the head.  He died on the scene.

Each of these deaths was pulled from media reports this month.  Also, each of these deaths was to people who were young and no doubt not expecting to end their lives in September of 2013.  None of us knows our last day and though we may have preconceived ideas as to how that day may play out, life most likely has a different plan.

There are many reasons for needing life insurance, being young does not automatically disqualify you from that need.  If you have life insurance, do you have enough?  If you don’t have life insurance, you definitely need it.  We can access your life insurance needs and offer you the best options for your current and most important, your future financial considerations.  Don’t let Life Insurance Awareness Month pass you by without giving some thought to your own life insurance needs.

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