Have Questions about Your Insurance Claim?

Whether you need to know what to expect during the insurance claim process, which losses might be covered or what your repair options are, you’ll get helpful answers whenever you call us.

Q: Whom can I call with questions about my insurance claim?
A: If you have questions not answered here regarding your claim, contact a Insurance Claim Representative or the Royce Williams Insurance Agency in Nashville for information about reporting your claim.

Q: What information do I need to report my PROPERTY insurance claim?
A: Generally this depends on the type of insurance claim you’re reporting. However, some of the preliminary information you’ll need includes, among other things:

  • When and what was damaged or lost
  • The extent of damages
  • If you feel your home is not safe to live in
  • Related injuries
  • If temporary repairs are needed
  • Whether authorities such as police, fire department, or ambulance were notified

Remember: you can still report your insurance claim with as little or as much information as you have.

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