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Summertime means getting more use out of your outdoor grill. When grilling up treats for you and your family, be sure you follow these easy safety tips to protect your home.

  • Always keeps your grill clean, to avoid grease buildups. If grease catches on fire in your grill, it can erupt and get out of control quickly.
  • Venturi tubes for gas grills should be cleaned often. Blockage in your grill may encourage the gas to find somewhere else to go, which can lead to a dangerous gas leak.
  • Always start gas grills with the lid open. If gas builds up when the top is off, this can lead to a dangerous explosion.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothing when grilling, and never lean over a lit grill because you can set your clothes on fire, or burn your skin.
  • ONLY use lighter fluid to start your grill, and store it in a safe place with the lid secured.
  • Make sure the area you are grilling is clear of dried grass or dead leaves. If a cinder falls on the ground, it could cause a fire.
  • As a safety precaution, keep a fire extinguisher by your outdoor grill.
  • Always remember to shut off your valves when you are finished grilling.
  • Protect your hands while grilling, by wearing fire retardant gloves, and use long handled grilling tools.
  • Constantly monitor pets and children around a lit grill.

Enjoy your outdoor grill by following these safety precautions and contact Royce Williams for more information about protecting your family and home today.


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