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Whether you’re striking out on your own for the first time or have been renting for years, there are some essential tools that everyone should own. While calling the landlord for major appliance and wiring issues is strongly recommended, there are a few instances where you might find yourself wondering how you are going to get out of a tricky situation. From loose cabinet doors to power outages, we’ve rounded up some of the best tools to have around your apartment. 

  1. Screwdriver Set

The screwdriver set can do more than assist with installation; it can pop lids off paint cans to opening battery operated compartments. A screwdriver is an all-around tool that will serve you well. It can help tighten cabinet doors or fixtures that might have come loose. While it is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain a habitable environment, having a screwdriver onsite will help in case of an emergency. When shopping for a screwdriver set, look for magnetic tips and a comfortable grip.

  1. Tape Measure

Most apartments are limited on space. When buying or investing in new furniture, you’ll want to have a measuring tape on hand. You can measure windows for blinds or open space for new appliances. According to Lifehacker, a 3/4 inch wide and 16-foot long tape measure is perfect for most jobs in and or around the apartment.

  1. Multi-Purpose Tool  

The multi-purpose tool is a great investment for all renters. Often called a Swiss Army Knife, the tool has many amenities that will come in handy. From knife blades for opening packages to mini tweezers for when you need them, this tool can tackle almost any job you throw in its direction.

  1. Flashlight

Keeping a flashlight on hand is GREAT for renters, especially those who live in complexes. If there is ever an instance where the lights go out and turning them back on is beyond your control, having a flashlight on hand will really come in handy.

  1. Extension Cords/Power Strip

Because apartments can often be small, there are times when utilizing electrical outlets can be a challenge. In this digital age, we are more plugged in than ever before. If you have limited access to power sockets, having an extension cord or power strip handy will ultimately save the day. When you are purchasing, be aware of any voltage limits and try not to tuck it behind furniture. Accumulated dust could start an unnecessary fire.

  1. Step Stool/Ladder

A step stool or ladder is one of those objects that you don’t know you need until a dire situation approaches. It’s great for decorating when you need to hang pictures or want to give your space a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, you can use it if a light fixture or appliance goes out and you need to give it a closer inspection. The most dangerous decision is trying to stabilize yourself on a chair or stool.

  1. Duct Tape

Duct tape can be a miracle worker when you need it. The technology dates back to WWII and NASA has included it onboard every space flight. The benefits involve patching up and repairing an endless amount of items to tide you over until a professional can get there. It’ll also come in handy when you need to pack up boxes for shipping or storage.

  1. Superglue

There are many different names for this adhesive like Gorilla Glue, Krazy Glue, or Loctite. It’s an excellent “tool” to keep on hand when you are renting as it can help repair almost anything. From glass to clothing, this adhesive is multi-purpose. The next time you accidentally drop your favorite mug or break your favorite pottery, you can reach for superglue to help you when you need a fast fix.

  1. Allen Wrench

If you own furniture, the odds are you will probably need to assemble it with an Allen wrench. It’s most commonly used when putting together items from IKEA and is distinguishable by its hexagonal shaped head. While most flat packed furniture might come with its own tool, they are easy to lose. Having a set on hand will make it easy to finish the job in case this happens.

  1. Pliers

Needle nose pliers are good for any project around the apartment that might require you to bend, grip, cut, or possible strip a wire. Their long, thin shape makes it easy to get into small cavities, and they can also be used in lieu of a wrench if you need one.

For the ultimate tool, you’ll want to think about insurance. Call Royce Williams Insurance today to discuss affordable renters insurance.

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