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For some motorcycling enthusiasts, riding isn’t something that’s only reserved for the warmer months. Some are passionate (and brave) enough to keep their bike on the road year-round. Choosing to do so, particularly in during the cooler seasons, requires an even greater attention to detail and safety precautions. If you don’t plan on storing your bike away for the next several months, here are a few winter driving tips from an experiencedNashville motorcycle insurance provider.

Wear Appropriate Gear

While it’s always wise to cover up while riding a motorcycle, during the winter this involves more than just protecting your skin in the event of an accident. Nashville may not get extremely frigid temperatures, but when you’re out on a bike and the thermometer starts to dip below 50 degrees, you’ll be glad you’ve added a few extra layers of warmth.

Cold Weather Can Impact Traction

 Remember that as the temperatures drop, the tires of your bike may begin to lose a bit of traction as a result. Be sure your tires have adequate tread prior to tackling the open road when it’s cold out and check your tire pressure before every ride.

Watch for Ice & Road Damage

While heavy snow might be a rarity, a significant drop in temperature can still cause black ice and other damage to roads, including cracks and pot holes. It’s important to be extra vigilant when riding during the winter months to avoid any such obstacle.

Increase Your Distance & Visibility

Because there are certain added hazards in the roadways during the winter, it’s important that motorcyclists properly account for these risks. That means increasing the following distance between your bike and the vehicle in front of you. Doing so will provide greater visibility so you can spot and be prepared for any potential obstacles.

Make Sure You’re Covered

When it comes to biker insurance, Nashville – like most every state – requires that you have adequate coverage. What the state doesn’t regulate, however, is how much coverage you have or what your policy provides protection for. Sit down with an experienced agent before heading out on the road to ensure you’ve got the right amount and type of coverage.

Riding in the winter isn’t for the faint of heart, but in our beautiful neck of the woods, it’s becoming a more common occurrence for diehard motorcyclists. By following the tips provided above and working closely with your Nashville motorcycle insurance provider, you’ll be able to enjoy safe riding year-round.

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