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It’s hard to beat the thrill of driving an ATV – the roar of the motor, the adrenaline rush of climbing hills and crossing over creeks – there’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors. A toy as thrilling as that deserves to be protected, and that’s where ATV insurance comes in.

Most states don’t require it, but it’s something you should have anyway.


Well, think about it like this: Would you still get auto insurance if it wasn’t required? Of course you would. Even if you trust your own driving, you surely aren’t going to trust all the other cars on the road to play it safe.

And the same is true when thinking about insuring your ATV. You could be the best driver out there, but accidents happen and other, less experienced drivers can still cause you harm. As they say, better to be safe than sorry.

When Do You Need ATV Insurance?

Do you want to take your ATV off property or drive in a public park? How about transport your vehicle to a different location? In all of these situations and more, you will need ATV insurance to safeguard your assets.

Some may think that their homeowner’s insurance will cover their ATV, but it rarely does. The only exception is when it is specifically being used for lawn maintenance and does not leave your property.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

So you can see why ATV insurance is a good thing to have, but what all does it protect? Here’s a list of some of the items covered by most policies:

  • Damage done to other’s property
  • People or property harmed by your ATV
  • Injury you may incur from another vehicle
  • Damage sustained by your ATV

Start Protecting Your ATV!

As you can see, getting your ATV insured is the smartest decision you can make to protect your investment. Royce Williams would love to help you find the right insurance policy to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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