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Boating offers a break away from the worries of life. Out on the water, you experience a sensation like no other. That’s why it’s so important to protect your boat with the proper insurance. Protecting your boat is protecting your rest and protecting yourself.

Boat insurance covers motorized watercraft like fishing boats, yachts, pontoons and more. While boat insurance isn’t required in Tennessee, it is still recommended for a number of great reasons.

  • To protect you and your family in case of a boating accident
  • Some marinas require boat insurance to dock your boat
  • Boat insurance is required if you use your watercraft as loan collateral
  • To protect your prized possession

Below are some of the many things covered by boat insurance:

Physical Damage

Boat insurance helps give you peace of mind that your prized possession, and purchase, is protected. So you can now enjoy the water knowing that your boat is protected in the event of collision or unforeseen damages. Physical damage coverage offers protection in a wreck with another boat, as well as protection in case of a fire or theft. Ensure you are fully covered today.


Boat insurance can also cover damage done to others on the water. When you are responsible for an accident, you are liable for any damages. Liability coverage will help pay the cost of damage you may have caused to other boats as well as any bodily injuries the boaters may have incurred.

Medical Payments

Another coverage option for boat insurance is medical payments coverage. This helps cover your medical expenses as well as the medical expenses of everyone onboard — no matter who is responsible for the accident. Even if you have health insurance, medical payments coverage can still benefit you by offering protection beyond your health insurance coverage limits.

Personal Effects

Your boat isn’t your only possession of value you need to protect. It’s likely you have plenty of effects and equipment on your boat that you want to keep safe. Radios, wetsuits and fishing equipment are just a few of many valuable items you will want to have covered. If your boat is broken into, replacing all of that costly equipment will seriously hurt your wallet, but with boat insurance, this could all be covered and replaced at no inconvenience to you or your wallet.

If you have a boat, you need boat insurance. Not only can it provide physical damage coverage, liability coverage, medical payments coverage and more, it gives you peace of mind that even though accidents happen, you have nothing to worry about. Get a boat insurance quote today from Royce Williams Insurance Agency.

Learn more about boat insurance and why you should have your boat covered here.

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