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Whether you’re driving your golf cart around the green or flying over the mountains on your four-wheeler, Tennessee and Kentucky is the place to be. An ATV policy helps protect you, your investment and your friends. Without an ATV-specific policy, chances are you’ll pay for any losses or liability right out of your own pocket. Do you need ATV insurance? Find out today!

What Exactly Does Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Cover?

ATV or off-road insurance protects you from accidents, theft, and provides additional medical and personal liability coverage. If you own and enjoy an off-road vehicle such as an ATV, dirt bike, utility vehicle, four-wheeler, go-kart, golf cart, dune buggy, or Segway, our policies have your covered.


Off Road Vehicle Insurance Policy Coverage Options

Your Off-Road Vehicle insurance policy will provide you with coverage to protect you and your vehicle from risks you could face while riding. Coverage levels vary, but common items covered by Off-Road Vehicle Insurance include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Medical Payments


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