Renters Insurance
Protect Your Guests, Your Valuables and the Contents of Your Rental Property

Renters Insurance

How Much is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance provides an affordable and convenient way to protect your belongings in an emergency, and you don’t have to skimp on coverage! For around 50 cents a day, you can protect your belongings, guests and even get a place to stay if an emergency does happen.

Benefits of Renters Insurance

Your landlord’s insurance likely only covers the property, not your belongings. This makes having your own renters insurance policy essential. Renters insurance offers protection in various ways including:

  • Personal Property. Your personal belongings are covered under your renters insurance policy in the case of fire, lightning, smoke, explosion, wind and hail, falling objects, frozen plumbing and vandalism or riot. In addition, your personal property is also protected in the instance of theft, even if the item was lost or stolen outside the home.
  • Liability Protection. This type of protection covers you if a guest inside your home is injured. For instance, if someone trips down your stairs, you may be responsible for their medical expenses. Your renters insurance will cover legal expenses, medical bills and other expenses. You are also covered by accidents caused by your or your family. For instance, in the case your child accidentally throws a ball through your neighbor’s window.
  • Additional Living Expenses. If a fire or other disaster renders your home unlivable, renters insurance can help provide you a place to stay. Covered temporary living expenses include hotel bills, restaurants and other needed expenses you wouldn’t normally have to pay.
  • Optional Coverage. You can obtain additional coverage if you are a jewelry collector or have thousands of dollars worth of pricey sound equipment. This can be covered under what’s commonly called Floater Insurance or Scheduled Personal Property coverage.


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