Boat Insurance
Protect Your Way to Get Away from It All with a Boat Insurance Policy

Boat Insurance

Protect Your Dream Boat with a Boat Insurance Policy

Boat Insurance is a frequent area of confusion. Indeed, many people assume that their boats are covered under their home insurance policies. Of course every policy is different, so the exact set of terms will vary, but in general, home insurance doesn’t have much to do with boats. The maximum amount of boat coverage that will be included in a home insurance policy is extremely limited, and there are a select few types of boats that would even qualify for this sort of coverage in the first place.

Insure Your Boat Like You Would Your Car

If you are serious about protecting your boat, you should definitely consider buying an insurance policy specifically for that boat. We understand that few people enjoy thinking about insurance, so we’ll make this as painless as possible: boat insurance is a lot like car insurance. Like car insurance, boat insurance includes all of the following:

  • Damage and liability caused by your boat hitting another
  • Damage to your boat and equipment
  • Damage and pollution in case your boat sinks
  • Medical payments in the event of a boating accident
  • Damage and injury caused by an uninsured boater

To you, your boat is a way to get away from it all. We want to help preserve that peace of mind. The dangers of boating are very real.


Let us look out for your interests so you can get back to enjoying your boat!

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